June 9th at the Magic Stick

2 am at Big Ten Burrito

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I need a ride.

I have an appointment with the Great Lakes Myth Society on this date in this place. I don’t have a car. I made the mistake of being born, growing up, and falling in love with an auto-dependent state while having adopted a lifestyle in diametric opposition to such lifeways. (To my credit, I fought my parents tooth and nail in 7th grade when my dad had a job offer to do real estate lending in Arizona, though in retrospect I kind of screwed my dad. Sorry about that, Dad). I missed a similar appointment with the members of said society 2 1/2 years ago when they celebrated the release of their first album, a point that irks me to no end, stinging my conscience and reminding me just how hip I might have been had I attended. With apologies to the great Bruce Dickinson, I now suffer from a chronic malady chiefly characterized by fever. The only cure, I have learned, is more accordion.

For anyone who wants to give me a ride, I will pay your cover to the show. I can also be called upon to provide merriment during the journey and in the course of the return trip. If necessary, I will provide cartographic interpretive services in an advisory capacity, in which case I will not require the handling of the shotgun in either literal protective capacity should we encounter bandits or figuratively in attempt to establish a symbolic position within the motorcar.

I will recommend a stop afterwards at the establishment pictured with this entry. Having attended a meeting of the Society Friday last, I concluded the night’s activities in a most enjoyable fashion at the former Big Ten Burrito. Finding it bustling with a line out the door even at 2 am, I must point out how awesome it was and how both the band and the burritos are two of the few things I miss about Ann Arbor.

Little help?