Week 5 Renovation

Down to the wire. We were aiming for December 6th and it would be close — finishing the project before I left or leaving some stuff hanging over. And how much?

Basically, it was a couple coats of paint. When I decided to refinish the kitchen and half-bath floors, that more or less needed to happen while we were traveling. So then we pushed back completion of the half-bath in order to do as complete a job as possible (getting under the sink and stool). That was already planned to be incomplete. What we mostly didn’t get done was the large amount of painting.

I was a bit worried earlier in the week. I had invited some friends over for dinner Saturday and expected to be able to do a nice job of hosting. But the plumbers had a problem with my old sink and all the workers were stepping over one another and I didn’t see how it would get done.

In the end, it didn’t get done, but it did get done enough to cook and eat and play.

The upstairs bathroom returned to service! It was the most complete, lacking just the medicine cabinet door to be painted and put on. And I need to get some kind of rug. My son had a bath for the first time in a month. I realized with the old sink there’s a little bottle neck where the wall for the shower comes out and the old sink swoops out into the room, too. Damn. Should have gotten a new sink, which would have had a straight front. [The tile guys worked long days Monday and Tuesday after not making much progress in Week 4, Monday getting the tile down, Tuesday grouting, so by Wednesday I could actually use the room].



The countertops are in! And I oiled them a few times and mixed a beeswax and mineral oil concoction to help seal them.


Cabinets are about the same, but whiter.


The half bath, which started it all, is painted but least complete. When the weather turned cold it was pouring cold air. Despite all the insulation, there was a terrible old failing home weather stripping creating a big gap in the window, so we’re going to have a pro get this nice and tight to complete my investment, along with weather stripping the back door. Getting a mirror made for this room, too.


Key to-dos: paint, floors, fixtures, storm doors. This week I also decided on a new kitchen sink and had to get a new faucet. These look nice. Nicer than the old ones going back in would have done.