In this section of the site, I share documents and data related to my ongoing research, stuff that doesn’t get into the article, or material that I can’t go into in great enough depth in a publication. ┬áThese documents are here to augment the publication and illustrate the richness of the research process and the depth of the research material. For more regular commentary, see my blog or the rest of the main site.

My current work includes my book project, Building the Ivory Tower, an examination of the role of American universities as urban developers in the 20th century. In addition, I am engaged in a few projects aimed at both digital publication and print publishing. These include research on the intersection of historic preservation and urban politics in the post-World War II era, starting with Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia; an effort to revisit the Home Ownership Loan Corporation (HOLC) security maps, and an examination of the changing geography of the U.S. Congress.

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