Digital Portfolio

Over the course of my graduate and professional career, I have been able to work on a wide variety of projects that engage the public or helped develop new methods or media for studying and presenting the past. Here I offer a selection of these projects and resources.

A few of these examples are web resources or web sites, per se, but my experience with digital media and the ways I approach the digital realm have been more varied than simply web design. A key part of this approach and an essential idea for historians is emphasizing the continuity between developing media types. Understanding historic photography and photographic processes, for example, will help students and researchers better utilize digital photographic and scanning tools. Likewise, familiarity with the fundamentals of sound production can inform digital audio production. As public history departments provide varied training in preservation, museum studies, and archival training to develop versatile students, so a wide variety of media training enables students and scholars to find the appropriate medium for their research and professional projects.

Temple University-Community History Project | Classicizing Chicago Project | Loyola University Chicago Web Video | Ann Arbor Built Environment | Data Digitization | WMU Archives Digitization Project | Geographic Information Systems | HABS Documentation |, Social Media, and other Web Activities