Classicizing Chicago


Classicizing Chicago

Over the last two years I have served as a director for the Classicizing Chicago project developed by the Department of Classics at Northwestern University. This interdisciplinary project seeks to understand, document, and present the reception and reinterpretation of Chicagoans with antiquity. Scholars and popular understanding often make tacit investigation into the impact of classical learning, architectural forms, and political ideals on modern society. This effort traces the interaction between these engagements through primary research and will present this information through a publicly accessible database and website.

As part of the Classicizing Chicago project I am leading a team of researchers on the architecture database and helped develop recommendations for website design. In addition, I have worked with the project’s principal investigator and the postdoctoral fellow in negotiations with Northwestern University library staff in the process of database design and web development. This project also served as a teaching tool, as graduate students in a digital media course at Loyola University Chicago helped conduct some of the research and recommendations in the early stages of the project.

This resource is in the pilot/development stage. We anticipate a beta/public release in the beginning of 2012.

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