Geographic Information Systems

Drawing on my urban planning training, I use GIS mapping software to spatially represent historical data, whether it be census data or archival information that must be digitized. This process lends itself to visual representation, as figures in scholarly publications; and to historical analysis, serving as thinking and research tools in a historian’s work process, while opening up new forms of information.

Two series of maps I have created include a group of maps of south east Chicago over time and geographic distribution of New Deal Public Works Administration higher education projects. In addition, I also create new GIS resources for the public to use.

Hyde Park 1940

Hyde Park 1960

PWA Grants

PWA Loans

PWA Allotments

(These are image files — within a GIS, each element such as a dot or census tract can be searched, sorted, or filtered by a historian, to perform certain inquiries and answer certain questions about demographics or to find an individual or institution name.)

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