UrbanOasis.org, Social Media, and other Web activities

This website began as a Blogger blog in 2004, has spent several years as a WordPress powered site, with some implementation of the Drupal open source content management system. As an example of the site’s functionality, I used this site to host pre-class discussions of material in my Spring 2011 digital media class at Temple. This forum is better than a Blackboard discussion, for example, because it allows for some distinction between public and private material, allowing course activities to serve as a form of promotion for the course and the Temple program.

I am engaged with social media, using flickr groups to facilitate photographic documentation of the work of Philadelphia architects Paul Philippe Cret and Frank Furness, and Chicago architect Daniel Burnham, for example, as well as using Twitter and Facebook to promote local organizations and events. Using these types of services allows for curation of digital images and helps improve both flickr and Google Image searches, making higher quality, information-rich images more broadly available for public consumption via the web.

During graduate school I was a contributor to several local web sites. These chiefly included Arbor Update, a news and discussion site that was one of the two top community politics sites, with a special emphasis on planning, urban development, and historic preservation; and ArborWiki, a civic wiki, in which my historic preservation students contributed digitized materials about historic sites in order to help increase local awareness and facilitate community discussion.

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